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Advisors Ponder Bitcoin, ‘Decade Of Disappointments’ In 2021 News

There’s still money to be made off Bitcoin purchased…

Factoring Inflation into Your Retirement Plan

Right now, inflation is top of mind for everyone, perhaps especially retirees.

7 Easy Ways Every Boomer Can Catch Up on Retirement Savings

A key principle in saving money is making sure you don’t owe anything.

AM Best Upgrades Credit Ratings of Nassau Financial Group, L.P.’s Insurance Subsidiaries

AM Best has upgraded Financial Strength Rating to B++

8 Predictions for Retirement in 2022

Retirement planning covers a lot of issues…

In a $1 Million Retirement Income Portfolio, Investors Choose Annuities and Protection Over Traditional 60/40 Allocation

A significant majority of investors…

Opinion: Why small amounts saved now can boost retirement income later in life

Opinion article by Michelle Richter and Bob Melia – One way to help retirees stretch their savings further…

Evaluating an early retirement offer: What to consider before accepting one

“You may be lucky enough to have earned and saved enough to be financially independent. If you fall into this rare category…

Annuities And Predicting The Right Time For The Market With Paul Tyler

Paul Tyler joins Kevin McCullough to talk annuities and market predictions in this ep of Radio Night Live!

Wink, Inc. Names New President

Victoria L. Grossman has been named the President of Wink, Inc. Sheryl J. Moore will continue in her role as Chairwoman & CEO.

What’s Your Retirement Number? Don’t Just Go by the 4% Rule

To help make sure your retirement income covers your needs and lasts for a lifetime, you need a custom plan. The 4% rule of thumb is a starting point…

Swap Your 401(k) and start receiving a Lifelong Monthly Check

“Therefore, it’s excellent to view they presently are frequently having annuity rights or different sorts of plans to achieve a retirement plan.”

Fi360 Announces Formation of ‘Lifetime Income Consortium’

Broadridge Fi360 Solutions & Fiduciary Insurance Services have teamed to initiate a Lifetime Income consortium to promote the need for guaranteed income options within retirement plans.

Annuities Genius Partners with CANNEX to Leverage Data for New SPIA/DIA Tools

Annuities Genius has partnered with CANNEX to use its data for their new SPIA and DIA comparison tools.

5 Ways to Get Your Firm Unstuck

These activities might help get your firm out of its rut, but it’s up to you to make it happen.

Six Retirement Planning Lessons From Netflix’s ‘Squid Game’

How to make sure your clients avoid playing games with their retirement funds.

Early retirement today ‘is a problem we will see in 20, 30 years’: Expert

Jamie Hopkins lays out how Americans should be planning and saving for retirement, anticipating unexpected market impacts, and more.

8 Best Investing Podcasts Investors Should Know About

Investors shouldn’t miss out on these eight great investing podcasts. Podcasts are taking over.

Sales May Be Down, But The Annuity Industry Will Bounce Back

Investors shouldn’t miss out on these eight great investing podcasts. Podcasts are taking over.

Insights from the Annuityverse
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