Episode 87: Turning Your Practice Into a Lamborghini With Derek Notman


Your practice can’t be defined by a zip code in today’s digital age. Derek Notman, founder of Intrepid Wealth Partners and Conneqtor talks to us today about how to build a niche that could open the door to a successful virtual planning business. Derek likens it to process of designing and building a Lamborghini. Every part of your practices needs to contribute to building a unique business in a very crowded market. For more information about Derek, go to: https://www.intrepidwealthpartners.com/.



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Nicholas BreniaEpisode 87: Turning Your Practice Into a Lamborghini With Derek Notman


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  • Derek - February 19, 2021 reply

    Loved being on this show, thanks again for the opportunity!

    Paul Tyler - February 20, 2021 reply

    Great discussion. I hope this inspires a number of advisors to look at this time as an opportunity to redefine their business on their own terms.

    Cynthia Mejia - March 4, 2021 reply

    Thanks again for a great episode!

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