Introducing the Save® Wealth card, the world’s first high yield credit card that provides market returns instead of points or cash back

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HOUSTONJan. 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Save®, a fintech company that helps consumers earn a higher yield on cash and spend, announced their partnership with Visa, a world leader in digital payments, today for the launch of the first Save Wealth credit cards in February 2022.

The Save Wealth Premium credit card is expected to have the highest return potential of any premium card available with an average return of 6% annually1 on all purchases with no caps, category restrictions, or minimums. The card returns aren’t guaranteed, and the customer may receive more or less than the average returns depending on market performance. The Premium Wealth card has an annual fee of $750 and will also provide access to typical premium card benefits including increased investments and yield potential for purchases done with Save preferred brands Tesla, Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, Amazon, Wholefoods, SoulCycle, and Peloton.

The Wealth card will match customers’ spending with investments in personalized portfolios which are expected to include globally diversified allocations, sustainable investments, and alternative assets with managed crypto exposure. Customers keep all the returns of the investments (minus the Save Wealth management fee of 0.79%), with a minimum return of 0%. Early adopters of the card will receive $10,000 in equivalent investments2 for signing up to receive the card. Existing customers can receive $5,000 in equivalent portfolio investments3 for referring others to the Wealth card. Both receive the returns of any such investments after one year.

Read More: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/introducing-save-wealth-card-worlds-140000023.html

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Ashley SaundersIntroducing the Save® Wealth card, the world’s first high yield credit card that provides market returns instead of points or cash back

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