WealthManagement’s Fifteen Must-Listen Financial Podcasts Featuring That Annuity Show

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The cast of That Annuity show is proud to report that our retirement podcast, was recognized as one of the “Fifteen Must-Listen Podcasts” by WealthManagement.com. We really want to thank all the great guests in 2021 who made this possible. In particular, we want to give a big shout-out and thanks to Terry Heys, Annuity Gator for nominating us for this honor!

Thanks to our sponsors, The Index Standard, CUNA Mutual Group, SE2 and Nassau Financial Group. And thanks to you, our listeners.

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Episode 103: Confidently Sorting Through a Sea of Indices With Laurence Black

Episode 98: Aligning All Interests – The Client, The Advisor and the Company With Yale Bock



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Ashley SaundersWealthManagement’s Fifteen Must-Listen Financial Podcasts Featuring That Annuity Show

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