Year in Review – 2022

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In 2022, That Annuity Show had 40+ guests and 20,000+ downloads from 60 different countries. Thank you to our sponsor, The Index Standard!

Downloads by Episode

  1. Episode 136: Tackling Unconscious Bias with Martin Powell and Gina Riepel (610)
  2. Episode 145: Diving Deep into the Power of Annuities with Michael Finke (427)
  3. Episode 132: Framing Retirement Planning Questions the Right Way with Jason Fichtner (412)
  4. Episode 155: The Social Security Sky Isn’t Falling with Kerry Pechter (411)
  5. Episode 131: Don’t Forget About Hidden Home Values When Planning for Retirement with Don Graves (405)

Downloads by Guest

  1. Martin Powell (951)
  2. Jason Fichtner (752)
  3. David Czerniecki (750)
  4. Michelle Richter (724)
  5. Michael Finke (681)

Downloads by Country:

  1. United States (19,322)
  2. Canada (340)
  3. Australia (86)
  4. Sweden (74)
  5. United Kingdom (68)

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Nick DesrocherYear in Review – 2022

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