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Join retirement expert Mary Beth Franklin and experts from Athene and The Index Standard for strategies that take the focus off current challenges and put it back on what clients want for their future.

October 31, 2022

Yes, you can help clients navigate a path toward the retirement they envision, even with the significant headwinds that have emerged. In this season of the Retirement Repair Shop podcast series, experts from Athene and The Index Standard speak with retirement income expert Mary Beth Franklin at smart ways to plan around inflation, strategies for handling the recent increase in market volatility, the threat of recession, and more!

Watch and listen here: https://www.investmentnews.com/retire-inspired-227577

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The discussion is not meant to provide any legal, tax, or investment advice with respect to the purchase of an insurance product. A comprehensive evaluation of a consumer’s needs and financial situation should always occur in order to help determine if an insurance product may be appropriate for each unique situation.

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