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204: Trends with Traction In The Annuity Market with Tamiko Toland

In the retirement industry, we’re living through a lot of change. Who could be better to help us put the challenges in perspective than Jim Kerley…

203: Risks That Matter to Companies and Individuals with Tamara Burden

In the retirement industry, we’re living through a lot of change. Who could be better to help us put the challenges in perspective than Jim Kerley…

202: Quarterly Economic Outlook with David Czerniecki

In the retirement industry, we’re living through a lot of change. Who could be better to help us put the challenges in perspective than Jim Kerley…

201: The End of Leads As We Know Them With Danny Greeson

In the retirement industry, we’re living through a lot of change. Who could be better to help us put the challenges in perspective than Jim Kerley…

200: Playing The Long Game in The Retirement Industry With Scott Stolz

In the retirement industry, we’re living through a lot of change. Who could be better to help us put the challenges in perspective than Jim Kerley…

199: Making Social Security Conversations Easier With Jeff Quigley

In the retirement industry, we’re living through a lot of change. Who could be better to help us put the challenges in perspective than Jim Kerley…

198: State of the State of the Retirement Industry With Jim Kerley

In the retirement industry, we’re living through a lot of change. Who could be better to help us put the challenges in perspective than Jim Kerley…

197: Annuities for Dummies With Kerry Pechter

Have we gotten any smarter about retirement and annuities since 2008? That was the year in which today’s guest Kerry Pechter first released his book “Annuities For Dummies”…

196: Creating New Experiences and Clients in the Metaverse with Panos Leledakis

Emerging augmented reality and virtual reality technology present an interesting opportunity to create memorable…

195: Using AI & QR Codes to Collapse Lead Funnels With Jay Wolff

The insurance industry has a tortured relationship with leads – we desperately need them but seem to rarely like what we receive…

194: Finding New Ways To Speed Retirement Savings With Dario Fusato

It’s not often that people create new products that aren’t annuities to increase late-in-life income for seniors…

193: The Quarterly Market Review with David Czerniecki

David Czerniecki, Chief Investment Officer of Nassau Financial Group joins us again this quarter to provide his assessment of market trends and the overall economic outlook…

192: A Recap of the Alliance for Lifetime Income Summit With David Macchia

Two weeks ago, the Alliance for Lifetime Income held a summit in Washington D.C. for its members…

191: Making Sense of The Financial Markets with David Czerniecki

How do you explain the turmoil in the financial markets to your clients?…

190: The State Of The Annuity Market With Scott Hawkins

Earlier this year, we hosted our second innovation in retirement event called Retiretech 2.0…

Episode 189: How To Build A Market Advising 401(k) Plans with Bonnie Treichel

With the passage of the SECURE Act 1.0 and 2.0, agents and advisors have a greater opportunity than ever before to…

Episode 188: Predicting the Banking Crisis Through Machine Learning With Barbara Matthews

Returning guest Barbara Matthews, Founder and CEO of BCMStrategy, Inc joins us for a timely discussion of the public…

Episode 184: The Next Steps In FIA Index Recommendations with Branislav Nikolic and Jay Watson

In a turbulent economic time, recommending client allocations in FIA indices has never been harder…

Episode 187: Making Sense Of The State Of The Economy With David Czerniecki

Volatility seems to be the word of the day. Volatility in fuel prices. Volatility in the market. And of course, volatility in interest…

Episode 186: Simplifying Market Exposure and FIA Indices with Josh Mellberg

Sometimes very basic questions can be hard to answer when it comes to annuities. One example – How much exposure does a specific vol-controlled index…

Episode 185: Pushing the Frontiers of Digital Insurance with Josh Elohim and Reid Tattersall

We know both consumers and agents want and expect a different buying experience today. The industry has made…

Episode 183: Banning Monte Carlo Simulations & More With David Macchia

Do Monte Carlo simulations cause more harm than good? David Macchia, Retirement Income Strategist, Entrepreneur, and Founder of Wealth2k explores…

Episode 182: Make 70 Your 100, Save 20, Give Away 10 With Dale Alexander

We have spent a lot of time talking about rules of thumbs for managing saving in retirement. However, what are the rules we should be giving to our kids for…

Episode 181: Diversification Isn’t a Risk Management Plan Anymore with David Lau

The use of annuities by RIAs continues to grow. David Lau, one of the leading pioneers in the space, joins us today. David is…

Episode 180: Planning for a Purpose with Joe Jordan

Our guest this week is Joe Jordan. Do I need to say more? But I will. In today’s episode, we discuss how the insurance industry has progressed from a focus on…

Episode 179: Predicting the 2023 Balance Sheet for the Annuity Industry with Scott Hawkins

Last week we looked back at 2022. This week we’re looking ahead at 2023 with Scott Hawkins, Managing Director…

Episode 178: Looking Back At 2022

Our emotional relationship with money is complex. How we feel about it often shapes how we spend and how we save it…

Episode 177: Finding The Emotional Side of Financial Planning With Jamie Hopkins

Our emotional relationship with money is complex. How we feel about it often shapes how we spend and how we save it…

Episode 176: Thoughtfully Recommending Indices with Laurence Black and Branislav Nikolic

Indices continue to proliferate within the fixed indexed annuity market. Yes, choice is good for the client but it can create a…

Episode 175: Thinking Ahead Of Older Age with Marti DeLiema, Naomi Karp, and Steve Vernon

Dementia presents a growing risk for all of us as we age. Research shows that even mild cognitive impairment makes it hard for…

Episode 174: Gas Prices, Inflation, Interest Rates and Digital Currency with David Czerniecki

Today, we catch up David Czerniecki, Chief Investment Officer for Nassau and get his perspective on the economy…

Episode 173: Making In-Plan Annuities a Reality with Michelle Richter and Mark Chamberlain – 2 of 2

In part 2 of 2 Michelle lays out her proposal for revamping the web of state and federals rules and laws to make in-plan…

Episode 172: Making In-Plan Annuities a Reality with Michelle Richter and Mark Chamberlain – 1 of 2

The SECURE Act reinvigorated interest in expanding the market for in-plan annuities. However, we..

Episode 171: Helping Canadians Retire From Work, Not Life With Fraser Stark

Can a mutual fund create new income potential for investors by sharing mortality risk? The answer is “yes”, starting in…

Episode 170: The Future of Advice With Paul Blanco

What will the future of face-to-face distribution look like in the coming years? Today, we talk with Paul Blanco, Founder and CEO of Barnum Financial, about the future of advisors, insurance…

Episode 169: Should Interest Rate Changes Rewrite Retirement Product Recommendations with Dave Blanchett and Michael Finke

For those of us in the business, it feels like interest rates have…

Episode 168: The Year Of In-Plan Annuities with Matt Wolniewicz

Many people will experience shock when they open their 401(k) statements this year. Will the growing awareness of market risk open the doors for more…

Episode 167: Answering Social Security Questions in Today’s Environment with Martha Shedden

Social Security remains the starting point for many client conversations. It takes a lot of work to stay current with the…

Episode 166: Keeping Annuity Regulations Rational with Kim O’Brien

Kim O’Brien, Chief Executive Officer of the Federation of Americans for Consumer Choice joins us to talk about the new regs and court challenges…

Episode 165: How I Built this Practice from Facebook with Andy Panko

Learn how Andy Panko, owner and financial planner at Tenon Financial built a half million dollar a year practice starting with a private Facebook group…

Episode 164: You Can’t Solve Risk By Adding More Risk with David Macchia

Rising inflation and rising rates have created a challenging environment for retirees. At the same time, our industry is poised to offer significant protection.

Episode 163: The State of the Annuity Market Today with Todd Taylor

Todd Taylor, Head of Retail Annuities for New York Life, discusses the state of the industry and what we might expect the rest of the year.

Episode 162: Discovering Models and Indices with the Nasdaq Fund Network

Aidan Shue and Ben Jones with Nasdaq discuss discoverability and the needs and opportunities of an ever-increasingly digital world.

Episode 161: Product Innovation in The Future

Attendees representing industry decision-makers in insurtech, fintech, and retiretech gathered for the 1s annual Retiretech Forum.

Episode 160: Insurance to Help Care Givers With Tom Beauregard

What if we could purchase insurance that would help us and our caregivers navigate the process?

Episode 159: Making Sense of Your Clients’ 401(k) Lifetime Illustration Statements With Jack Towarnicky

Jack Towarnicky, HR, Total Rewards, Employee Benefits Subject Matter Expert joins us to explain the assumptions and the gaps in the mandatory disclosure.

Episode 158: Climbing Down The Financial Mountain With David Rosell

The proverb that it’s harder to climb down a mountain than go up is true in every sense of the word.

Episode 157: Let the Guaranty Fund Genie Out of the Bottle With Harry Stout and Bruce Saul

One of the biggest pain points in explaining annuities is describing the nature of the product guarantees.

SPECIAL EPISODE – From the Office of the Chief Investment Officer With David Czerniecki

Inflation, war and the risk of a recession is weighing heavily on everyone’s mind.

Episode 156: Selling Equity As New Way To Access The Value of Your Home In Retirement With David Shapiro

A home is typically one of the largest individual assets we must include in a retirement plan. However, it’s also one of the most illiquid ones.

Episode 155: The Social Security Sky Isn’t Falling with Kerry Pechter

In 2034 or 2035, the Social Security trust fund will be depleted. Much has been written about the significance of the event.

Episode 154: Disclosing Advisor Compensation with Sara Grillo and Scott Salaske

Almost everyone has a strong opinion today about the best way to get paid. At the end of day, we all agree the approach should best align to the client’s best interests.

Episode 153: How Did We Get Here With David Blanchett

It’s hard to believe we’re living in a world with high inflation, MYGA rates over 4%, and a stock market that feels like a Disney ride.

Episode 152: Helping The Constrained Investor Plan for Retirement With David Macchia

Too often, investment advisors may focus on “reverse dollar cost averaging” strategies for retirement planning and ignore longevity risk.

Episode 151: Restarting and Reinventing Seminars With Brad Swineheart

In person seminars ground to a halt in 2020. Now they are back – but probably forever changed.

Episode 150: Providing Lifetime Income When Annuities May Not Available With Richard Fullmer

How can companies and governments offer lifetime income for groups of employees or other individuals when annuities may not be available?

Episode 149: Planning for Rising Inflation and Changing Emotional Needs of Clients With Marguerita Cheng

Some elements of financial planning for retirement will not change – market risk, health risk, and lifestyle plans.

Episode 148: Planning for Very Long Happy Retirement With Steve Vernon

People are living longer. Much longer. How should that change how we plan for retirement?

Episode 147: Preparing for Life 2 With Don Ezra

Planning for retirement should not be just about figuring out how to pay the bills when the paychecks end

Episode 146: Your Marketing Must Go Digital With Greg Dinetz

Everything in marketing changed with the pandemic. If you don’t have a digital presence, you will not grow in the future.

Episode 145: Diving Deep into the Power of Annuities With Michael Finke

In this business, we have all heard about the ability of annuities to create a guaranteed income in retirement.

Episode 144: Charting a New Course for the Industry with Dave Levenson

What role should an industry association play to support the growth of the life insurance and annuity business?

Episode 143: When Should Your Client Pay Off The Mortgage With Jason Fichtner

Should your client pay off their mortgage as they head into retirement?

SPECIAL EPISODE – David Czerniecki Discusses Inflation Trends

Inflation is the topic of the day. How high will it go? How long will it last? Learn more here.

Episode 142: Everything You Wanted to Know About the Nasdaq-100 With Efram Slen and Mark Marex

Indices continue to proliferate inside fixed indexed annuities.

Episode 141: Diving Deeper Into The Qualified Default Investment Alternative Market With Tamiko Toland

Since the passage of the SECURE Act, we’ve all been talking a lot more about the institutional annuity market…

Episode 140: A Chat With The Father of 4% Percent Rule With William Bengen

In this That Annuity Show episode, we had the opportunity to…

Episode 139: What’s Different This Time When Saving For Retirement With Byron Boston

Yes, markets do run in repeating cycles. However, the best traders…

Episode 138: Sizing the Prize of Institutional Annuities with Martin Powell and Bruno Caron

Even converting a small share of the $7.3 trillion in assets in 401(k) …

Episode 137: Reducing the Risk of A Reduction in Social Security Benefits With David Duley

Few days go by without a mention in the media about the potential financial crisis…

Episode 136: Tackling Unconscious Bias with Martin Powell and Gina Riepel

How do we create more opportunities for people of color to experience the same rewards.

Episode 135: Helping People Find Purpose in Retirement with Joe Jordan

Why do we help people build retirement plans? To optimize cash flow? To minimize asset risk? Yes.

Episode 134: Picking Nouns or Verbs In Retirement Planning With Michelle Richter

Language is powerful. It’s exceptionally powerful in the highly regulated…

WealthManagement’s Fifteen Must-Listen Financial Podcasts Featuring That Annuity Show

The cast of That Annuity show is proud to…

Episode 132: Framing Retirement Planning Questions the Right Way With Jason Fichtner

Someone once told me that finding an…

Episode 131: Don’t Forget About Hidden Home Values When Planning For Retirement With Don Graves

Retirement planning conversations can…

Episode 130: Navigating The New Regulatory Standards with Hayley Maldonado and Eric Marhoun

How should the industry successfully navigate the…

Episode 129: Finding Purpose in Retirement with Gary Sirak

Yes, building a retirement plan can feel daunting. However, do you really have a good plan if you don’t have a purpose?

Episode 128: Spreading The Truth About Annuities with Cyrus Bamji

Remember the popular “Got Milk” and “The Other White Meat” slogans?

Episode 127: Meeting the Health Care Needs of Seniors In A Changing Market With Jesse Slome

Any conversation about retirement ultimately revolves around health care…

Episode 126: Delivering Retirement Education and Innovation as a Service With Carson Hewett and Jon Rosborough

Live from the Rolling Stones concert in Atlanta, Georgia…

Episode 125: Earning Higher Safe Interest On Your Saving With Michael Nelskyla

Can a fintech solution help your clients keep their cash safe and grow it…

Episode 124: Telling the PG-Rated Story About The Retirement Crisis With Doug Orchard

We talk with Doug Orchard, who is about to release “The Baby Boomer  Dilemma”…

Episode 123: Getting Your Web and Social Presence Right With Robert Knop

What’s the first thing we do today when we’re about to meet with someone for the first time?

Episode 122: Getting Smart About Medicare Options With Ryan McMillan

Brace yourself for another few months of continual Medicare ads on television during open enrollment.

Episode 121: Helping Life Insurance Agents Explain Annuities with Jeff Affronti

Many older clients who need life insurance can also benefit…

Episode 120: Riding the RILA Wave with David Hanzlik

Registered Index-Linked Annuities or RILAs have taken the broker-dealer market by storm over the past several years

Episode 119: Creating Authenticity, Innovation & Empathy In Insurance with Maria Ferrante-Schepis

How can insurance carriers build an empathetic relationship with…

Episode 118: Finding Meaning and Making Money with H. Adam Holt

H. Adam Holt, CEO of Asset-Map, discusses a wide variety of topics…

Episode 117: Matching Your Practice Model To Your Client’s Psychology with Wade Pfau and Alex Murguia

Explore how advisors and firms should change their…

Episode 116: Finding Retirement Solutions That Stick with Wade Pfau and Alex Murguia

What makes a retirement recommendation not only…

Episode 115: Building Real Policyholder Relationships with Molly Black

Carriers spend a lot of time talking about building strong policyholder…

Episode 114: We Love Annuities with Sheryl Moore

Summer is almost over. What’s the outlook for the annuity industry as we head back…

Episode 113: Income Allocation Planning with Jerry Golden

How do you create more income with less market risk and lower fees and income taxes…

Episode 112: Medicare ABGFs with Terence Martin

Healthcare typically is the biggest expense facing retirees. However, can you help you help your clients navigate the…

Episode 111: Know Your Client’s Personality To Provide Better Advice with Dr. Preston Cherry

The regulators make us attest we know our clients…

Episode 110: Creating Happiness For Your Clients with Tom Hegna

How can we create more happy retirement planning clients?

Episode 109: Using and Improving Your RISE Score On The Way to Retirement with Sheila Jelinek and Peter Sun

When planning for retirement…

Episode 108: The Next Five Years In The Business Will Be Thrilling with Jim Kerley

The next few years promise to bring more change…

Episode 107: Finding Extra Savings Through Better Social Security Planning With Jack Sharry

Fixed Indexed Annuities in the…

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