Episode 128: Spreading The Truth About Annuities with Cyrus Bamji

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Remember the popular “Got Milk” and “The Other White Meat” slogans? In this episode, we meet with Cyrus Bamji, Head of Communications for the Alliance for Lifetime Income. Cyrus and his team are on a mission to retell the story of annuities in an even more powerful way than those memorable ad campaigns.

Get the inside story on how the Rolling Stones found the Alliance. And get the first preview of results from one of the most extensive consumer research projects in 2021.

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The discussion is not meant to provide any legal, tax, or investment advice with respect to the purchase of an insurance product. A comprehensive evaluation of a consumer’s needs and financial situation should always occur in order to help determine if an insurance product may be appropriate for each unique situation.

Ashley SaundersEpisode 128: Spreading The Truth About Annuities with Cyrus Bamji

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